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Creating and Marketing Flexible Spring Treatments in Your Spa

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What will you feature in April, May & June?

At our recent weekly mastermind meeting, we discussed the uncomfortable challenges of planning a spring treatment menu in the midst of the upheaval we’re all living with. Even with the difficulties we face, the discussion was overwhelmingly positive, and I’d like to share some of the most brilliant ideas that came from the brainstorming (along with some additional thoughts that we've had along the way).
First, even when it’s hard and you feel discouraged, keep your communication positive. If your health region moves into a more restrictive colour zone, please don’t tell your clients you need to “cancel” their appointment, let them know you will reschedule. Even better, offer them a unique service that they have never tried before! Suggest a wrap, a scrub, a neck and shoulder treatment, or a really rejuvenating back facial that they will love. Remind people what experiences they CAN have with you.
Some other suggestions to meet your spring treatment needs:
Consider simple and cost-effective addons that offer a luxury feel.
Be flexible with treatment options that will allow you to transition easily into your summer menu.
  • A full body immersion experience with Makes Scents in spring can transition to a leg/foot scrub or back facial on your summer menu - without buying any additional products!
  • To any body treatment you can add on a stimulating cellulite treatment with Moor Spa Contour Cream, and your client can continue the process at home to increase circulation and improve the appearance of stubborn cellulite
Create some holiday-themed promotions - it’s not too early to think about Mother’s Day!
  • Consider a spa gift card combined with a starter kit of trial size Moor Spa products to create a spa facial at home and build excitement for a future treatment.
  • You can never go wrong with a really indulgent pedicure that includes treats for every sense - the cocooning warmth of a leg & foot wrap, along with an invigorating scrub and a fragrant natural body butter for intense hydration.
  • If you're in a zone that permits it, create a spring-themed facial that reveals, radiant fresh skin - resurfacing exfoliation with a Moor Spa Pumpkin Peel, nourishing Kelp Enzyme Mask, and replenishing Hydrating Serum.
  • Build skincare boxes for homecare that bring delight to every client that orders one. In addition to a wide range of Moor Spa products available in retail and trial sizes (how about a combination of both?), you can add other small surprises that offer uplifting sensory experiences (chocolate, soft hair scrunchies, small candles, etc.)
  • Moor Spa Herbal Bath with Pine would make a great gift with purchase in the style of a “spring detox”
The options are endless to build your business this spring, bringing back your existing clients, and enticing new guests to learn more about you. As always, we can help you put together special packages that suit you and your clients. Simply reach out by text/telephone to 888-666-7683 or email
For more of these great ideas, join us at our weekly Esthies and Their Besties calls, where we meet the challenges of our industry with problem solving and strategies with a supportive and smart group of peers. 
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Holiday 2020 Gift Ideas for Salons, Spas and Estheticians

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Helping your Clients with their Holiday Gifting

This year, you have risen to the challenge of meeting your client's needs in the most creative ways. Use this new skill to help your clients find moments of joy, and the perfect gift for everyone on their list, no matter their budget.
Would you like to get straight to the good part? Jump directly to Holiday 2020 Gift Ideas.
The holiday season has always offered a tremendous revenue opportunity for spas, salons, and wellness businesses, and this year the opportunity is bigger than ever. Here’s why:
  • With all the uncertainty, shoppers want simplicity, and they want packages and sets that allow them to make gifting simple. This is a great time to offer curated gift sets and packages containing fun and useful products.
  • This holiday shopping season is starting earlier, which offers your business the chance to spread out your offerings over a longer time period. First attract those early shoppers, then present other options to capture peak season and last-minute purchasers.
  • Your clients want to support local, and they want to shop with businesses they trust and have loyalty to. Stay top of mind with consistent promotions and advertising, and make sure your messaging is in line with the general mood of your clients. 

Here are some helpful marketing tips for a successful 2020 season:

  • Plan your promotions using a simple calendar to map out the holiday schedule. You can even take it old school and work on paper! Ramp up your marketing slowly, but consistently, because you don’t want to go all “tinsel and lights” before your clients are ready to think about it. Right after thanksgiving is a good time to start a subtle holiday gift campaign.
  • Create a “wish list” of ideas for your clients for all the people on their list. Use the time you spend with them to ask questions about what they’re looking for, and plant the seeds of your promos
  • Instead of discounting, think of ways to add value to your promotions. Adding that “little extra” to a purchase has a much higher perceived value for your client compared to offering a discount
  • Consider advertising with a simple social media ad to attract clients that may not know you’re there. We can help you create a simple but custom audience to make sure your ad is getting in front of the people who need to see it.
  • With any promotion, always finish with a “call to action”. Whether it’s reserving a holiday service, or making a purchase, don’t be shy about asking your client to take action.

How about some gift ideas?

First, here's a reminder to thank your clients with thoughtful gifts to show how much you appreciate them. It’s been a tough year, and we all know what it feels like to be grateful for the clients who support us in the good times as well as the hard times.
Below are a few ideas to get you thinking about what your clients need and want to make their holiday season easy. If you're offering gift cards, consider including a custom Moor Spa trial kit in your gift card promo. Your client can even get a gift for themselves while they're giving to others!

Moor Spa Herbal Bath with pine
Our habits have changed during the pandemic- we are spending more time at home (no kidding!) and we have rediscovered that it feels good to comfort and care for ourselves. Many of us are eating better and working out at home. For sore and fatigued muscles, as well as relaxation for a good night’s sleep, there’s  Moor Spa Herbal Bath with Pine.

The Makes Scents Experience
Makes Scents Experience - scrub and butter gift set, easy and perfect for #selfcaresunday. Available in natural scents to create an oasis at home. Vegan, Cruelty-free, and organic.

Green Cricket Natural Hand Relief
Caring for our hands with the never-ending hand washing. Protect and soothe with kits from Green Cricket. Available in Citrus, Lavendar and Fragrance-Free.

Ecotao Bamboo Coffret
Help your clients stock up on the best zero waste cleansing cloth made in Canada from organic cotton and bamboo. Incredible softness and effective cleansing. Also great to pair with Moor Spa Cleansing Milk. For a lovely gift idea, you can offer a promotion that offers special pricing on Ecotao refills with the purchase of a bamboo coffret.

Moor Spa Lip Balm
The ultimate stocking stuffer! Soothing hydration for cold, chapped winter lips. 100% Natural Source Moor Spa Lip Balm


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Spa Treatment Options for Fall

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As we move into fall, we begin to envision cozy fall sweaters (hello, #sweaterweather!), warm apple cider, spicy gingerbread cookies (or maybe that’s just me), and comforting spa treatments….ahhh.
While many of your businesses had effectively closed for several months this year, you’ve shown your resiliency by adapting to curbside deliveries, Zoom skincare consultations, and a pivot to new emphasis on retail sales.
Now, our perspective is that it’s time to get back to the basics of spa - wellness-based treatments that are simple to perform and leave our clients feeling and looking their best. Your clients need and want a feeling of comforting familiarity, and you want to feel prepared.
As we plan for what to do next, let’s take a look at the past. For those that worked in the industry during the giant recession of 2008/2009, you may be familiar with the Lipstick Effect. The Lipstick Effect is what it’s called when consumers continue to indulge in small luxuries during recessions and economic downturns (and pandemics!), because they either don't have a lot of money or because they’re nervous about spending. They may not be buying big-ticket luxury items, but most still find the money to purchase small luxury items, such as premium lipstick. Small acts of indulgence tell you that life is still good. That being said, this is a different situation. With everyone wearing masks, lipstick sales are actually, seriously down. L’Oreal experienced a 40% downturn in their lipstick sales over the past year.
Where should we be pivoting now? Where do we expect our clients to be spending money? Analysis of consumer spending shows that sales of nail care products have tripled, and skin care is up by 300%. Something to think about: With all the mask wearing, that Eye Zone Cream is more important than ever to hydrate when all we can see is each others eyes, and in fact, analysis shows that sales of eye creams are WAY up. 
Our clients are taking comfort in the simple pleasures of a #selfcaresunday, and we can be part of not only their at-home experience, but also their in-spa experience.
More than ever (let me repeat that - now more than EVER), it’s important to stay visible to your clients, and remind them that they can trust in and value your experience, and can find comfort in your services. Your clients will undoubtedly benefit from:
  • Nail and hand services that offer healing from frequent cleansing, and bring a hit of happiness with long-lasting pretty nail enhancements. You can even use a hydrating Moor Gel mask to demonstrate the hydrating benefits when  your client books a similar full-body treatment
  • Skin care treatments that offer damage repair from the hot summer sun. Include Moor Spa Pumpkin Peel as part of your effective, and 100% Natural Source, Moor Spa facials
  • Waterless body wraps (including Moor and Seaweed Gel-based wraps) with a wellness focus. Your client remains cocooned in comfort in your treatment room, and you don’t need to send them to a shower
  • Foot and body scrubs that treat dry, dehydrated skin and offer an immersion experience that fills their senses with warm fall comfort
  • Elements of wellbeing through add-on complementary services such as Reiki, Reflexology and other healing modalities 
What to do next? Choose your level of support:
if you’re ready to start planning on your own, you can apply for a professional membership. For support and encouragement from other professional estheticians and industry specialists, register for our weekly Esthies and Their Besties. If you'd like to discuss your specific needs, you can book a free private session with Will or Bonnie.


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Natural Foot Care from Moor Spa

Feet are in focus this season, and you're probably filling up your schedule with one pedicure after another. We believe that healthy feet are a family affair; from tired feet to stinky feet, sporty feet and toddler feet, and they all deserve the best natural source ingredients in products that care for their hard-working soles.
Like our other 80+ products in the Moor Spa Skin, Body and Wellness line, they are crafted carefully to ensure they are free from formaldehyde releasers, parabens, polyethylene glycol (PEG) and propylene glycol.
This trio of products can be used to reduce and prevent foot and shoe odour, treat dry, rough, or cracked skin on heels and feet, and promote healthy toenail growth.
  • Moor Spa Foot Cream - A specially formulated, penetrating cream for foot care. A generous amount of Moor leaves the skin feeling incredibly soft and revived.
  • Moor Spa Sanitizing Spray - An invigorating blend of anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and moisturizing essential oils combined with sanitizing vegetable-based ethanol refresh your feet and hands while pleasantly deodorizing.
  • Moor Spa Nail Treatment Oil - A fragrant blend of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal essential oils and herbal extracts promotes strong, clear and healthy nails.
Read the Guide to Natural Foot Care from Green Mom's Collective, and focus on healthy feet for the whole family!
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Exfoliation: Your Secret Weapon for Healthy Skin

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Winter air brings dry, dull, flaky skin, and when spring arrives (really, it’s coming!) it’s time to remove old layers of skin to reveal fresh, glowing skin for our warmer months. 

As we age, the process of skin cell “renewal” slows down. This means that the body is slower to shed skin cells and generate new ones.  When old skin cells start to pile up on the surface of the skin, it can leave skin looking dull, rough, and dry. This build-up of dead skin cells can leave us with excess oil and clogged pores, leading to blemishes and acne.

Our skin needs some help! How do we do it? Exfoliation. 

Proper exfoliation removes the barrier of dead skin cells clogging the skin and uncovers fresh new cells below. Not only does exfoliation remove old layers of skin, but it also helps our moisturizers and lotions absorb better, leaving hydrated healthy, beautiful skin. A regular routine of exfoliation will keep your skin fresh and healthy. 

[[{"fid":"5557","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","alignment":"left","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"Moor Spa Exfoliation Lineup","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":"Mechanical and Enzymatic Exfoliation"},"type":"media","field_deltas":{"1":{"format":"default","alignment":"left","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"Moor Spa Exfoliation Lineup","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":"Mechanical and Enzymatic Exfoliation"}},"attributes":{"alt":"Moor Spa Exfoliation Lineup","title":"Mechanical and Enzymatic Exfoliation","style":"margin: 2px; width: 300px; height: 198px;","class":"media-element file-default media-wysiwyg-align-left","data-delta":"1"}}]]

One thing to consider, however, is that the exfoliation that works for your feet is absolutely not appropriate for your face!

Here are some helpful suggestions for looking after ALL the skin you own:


The key here is gentle - choose a physical scrub such as Moor Spa’s Facial Polish. Fine jojoba beads in an aloe vera gel base are safe for your skin, and because they’re not plastic microbeads, they’re also good for our environment. Facial Polish can be used several times a week, right in the shower. For a thorough enzymatic exfoliation (think tiny “pac-man” removing all your dead skin cells), consider Moor Spa’s Pumpkin Peel with enzymes from pumpkin, papaya and pineapple. As part of aprofessional facial protocol, it’s a really effective way to reveal your freshest skin and improve texture and firmness.


Skin on your body can benefit from a more vigorous exfoliation, and there are lots of choices available. As part of a beautiful spa treatment, a salt glow exfoliation with Moor Spa’s Himalayan Salt Glow and Complete Oil is applied with flowing, light movements to stimulate lymphatic movement, remove dead skin cells, and leave skin soft and glowing. Take home a Moor Spa Body Scrub Cream with walnut shell powder to recreate the smooth skin feeling at home (or include the Body Scrub Cream in a professional pedicure/leg massage and reduce the likelihood of ingrown hairs between waxing!).

One of the most traditional methods of keeping skin healthy and soft is Dry Brushing. This treatment can be blissful all on its own when you’re in spa, or as part of a self-directed treatment at home. Soothing, smoothing, invigorating and healthy, a Moor Spa Dry Brush treatment moves lymphatic fluid, exfoliates dead skin and improves circulation, which may reduce the signs of cellulite.

When you’ve removed all the dead, dull skin, embrace the rich hydration in Moor Spa Body Lotion. With no petroleum derivatives, your skin will drink in all the nourishing moisture and leave your skin glowing with health.


Oh, our poor neglected feet! After a long winter, we are desperate to feel the warm sun on our toes. Have you SEEN your heels, though? Rough, cracked, dry and flaky feet need our love. The first step to take care of winter-weary feet is to book a thorough pedicure with your favourite esthetician, who will professionally remove dead skin with the Canadian-made Diamancel stainless steel foot file. (The famous #20 is our favourite!). Not only is it thorough, the stainless steel files are fully disinfectable, so you can be assured you’re getting the cleanest, healthiest treatment possible. Once your fresh feet are revealed, help them soak up some moisture with the deeply penetrating antibacterial Moor Spa Foot Cream

If all this seems a little confusing, trust your esthetician to help you choose the right exfoliation for you. Book your appointment to be ready for the warmer weather - we promise it’s coming soon!

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