Are your clients prone to swollen, heavy calves, ankles and feet? They will describe them as achy, tired, crampy and stiff, and it may feel like they are dragging 5lb. ankle weights around.
One out of every two women are affected by heavy leg syndrome and it’s often aggravated by standing, airplane travel, carrying extra body weight, and pregnancy. In the summer, heat and humidity can make it worse. 
Heavy legs can look swollen or pale because of poor circulation, or bumpy in the presence of varicose veins. 
Treat the symptoms of poor circulation and re-energize heavy legs with the Moor Spa Tired Leg Treatment. It’s perfect for worn out legs and feet after a long holiday shopping spree!
Inspired by the detoxifying, circulation stimulating and nourishing effects of the signature Austrian Deep Moor, treat your client to a refreshing foot soak with Herbal Bath with Pine. A creamy exfoliating massage of feet and lower legs, and a cocoon of soothing warmth completes the treatment to rest and ease tired legs and feet.
With this therapeutic treatment, you will improve lymphatic drainage through the complex array of plant nutrients in the moor, and increase venous return of lower legs. It will also help to improve the muscles and the contour of the leg for slimmer-looking legs.
You can elevate the service by including hot stones, reflexology, reiki or even adding this treatment to your signature pedicure. Serve green tea too - it’s rich in antioxidants, which will encourage circulation.
If you’re already performing Moor Spa body treatments, chances are you already have most everything you need to do this service.
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