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Eco for ecology, Tao for the way.

☯ Ecologically conscious ☯

☯ Locally and ethically manufactured ☯

☯ Maximum Luxury ☯

☯ Minimal Footprint ☯

☯ Zero Waste ☯

If you’re using disposable gauze and sponges in your skin care services, you’re contributing to the 40,000 tons of trash Canadian women produce each year.

With ECOTAO’s combination of renewable bamboo and organic cotton there’s zero waste, no compromise and they feel AMAZING! Thrilling professionals with extreme softness and deep cleansing in one eco-friendly, cost effective, Canadian-made bundle. These 4 x 4 cloths are sturdy machine washable and dryable.

For best results, you’ll want to use ECOTAO in your esthetic and skin care services and put them on your retail shelf in their elegant biodegradable bamboo coffret as part of a healthy home skin care regimen.

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