Light Elegance Glitter Gel LE Rocks 2023 Collection

Light Elegance Glitter Gel LE Rocks 2023 Collection
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Enjoy award-winning glitters in the trendy new seasonal sparkles for LE's Fall 2023 LE Rocks Collection.

Add additional strength and unmatched sparkly glitter with hard gel durability. Use over any LE structure gel or acrylic for 4+ week wear.

Amethyst Kiss - A deep, sophisticated, sexy purple! A dark purple background accentuates the tiny flashes of fuchsia and sapphire sparkles.

Clean Slate - The combination of silver and black make the perfect slate! The darker background pops the stunning silver sparkles.

Diamond in the Rough - Rich with color and lots of flashes of rose gold sparkle. This fine glitter is a deep rose, salmon-pink!

Mother of Pearl - A flat pearl meets iridescent glitter. The iridescent is ever changing and flashes coppers, greens, blues and purples. Light, airy and delicate!

Pints & Quartz - A fine, neutral glitter where tan meets just a touch of red. The neutral background is the perfect canvas to pop the light gold sparkles.

You’re a Gem - A deep, luscious fuchsia glitter. This fine glitter pops a brighter pink because of the darker background. This is not your average fuchsia!

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