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Thu, 03/11/2021 - 12:29 | Bonnie

Creating and Marketing Flexible Spring Treatments in Your Spa

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What will you feature in April, May & June?

At our recent weekly mastermind meeting, we discussed the uncomfortable challenges of planning a spring treatment menu in the midst of the upheaval we’re all living with. Even with the difficulties we face, the discussion was overwhelmingly positive, and I’d like to share some of the most brilliant ideas that came from the brainstorming (along with some additional thoughts that we've had along the way).
First, even when it’s hard and you feel discouraged, keep your communication positive. If your health region moves into a more restrictive colour zone, please don’t tell your clients you need to “cancel” their appointment, let them know you will reschedule. Even better, offer them a unique service that they have never tried before! Suggest a wrap, a scrub, a neck and shoulder treatment, or a really rejuvenating back facial that they will love. Remind people what experiences they CAN have with you.
Some other suggestions to meet your spring treatment needs:
Consider simple and cost-effective addons that offer a luxury feel.
Be flexible with treatment options that will allow you to transition easily into your summer menu.
  • A full body immersion experience with Makes Scents in spring can transition to a leg/foot scrub or back facial on your summer menu - without buying any additional products!
  • To any body treatment you can add on a stimulating cellulite treatment with Moor Spa Contour Cream, and your client can continue the process at home to increase circulation and improve the appearance of stubborn cellulite
Create some holiday-themed promotions - it’s not too early to think about Mother’s Day!
  • Consider a spa gift card combined with a starter kit of trial size Moor Spa products to create a spa facial at home and build excitement for a future treatment.
  • You can never go wrong with a really indulgent pedicure that includes treats for every sense - the cocooning warmth of a leg & foot wrap, along with an invigorating scrub and a fragrant natural body butter for intense hydration.
  • If you're in a zone that permits it, create a spring-themed facial that reveals, radiant fresh skin - resurfacing exfoliation with a Moor Spa Pumpkin Peel, nourishing Kelp Enzyme Mask, and replenishing Hydrating Serum.
  • Build skincare boxes for homecare that bring delight to every client that orders one. In addition to a wide range of Moor Spa products available in retail and trial sizes (how about a combination of both?), you can add other small surprises that offer uplifting sensory experiences (chocolate, soft hair scrunchies, small candles, etc.)
  • Moor Spa Herbal Bath with Pine would make a great gift with purchase in the style of a “spring detox”
The options are endless to build your business this spring, bringing back your existing clients, and enticing new guests to learn more about you. As always, we can help you put together special packages that suit you and your clients. Simply reach out by text/telephone to 888-666-7683 or email
For more of these great ideas, join us at our weekly Esthies and Their Besties calls, where we meet the challenges of our industry with problem solving and strategies with a supportive and smart group of peers. 
Tue, 11/26/2019 - 11:38 | Bonnie

Moor Spa Tired Leg Treatment

Austrian Moor Mud
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Are your clients prone to swollen, heavy calves, ankles and feet? They will describe them as achy, tired, crampy and stiff, and it may feel like they are dragging 5lb. ankle weights around.
One out of every two women are affected by heavy leg syndrome and it’s often aggravated by standing, airplane travel, carrying extra body weight, and pregnancy. In the summer, heat and humidity can make it worse. 
Heavy legs can look swollen or pale because of poor circulation, or bumpy in the presence of varicose veins. 
Treat the symptoms of poor circulation and re-energize heavy legs with the Moor Spa Tired Leg Treatment. It’s perfect for worn out legs and feet after a long holiday shopping spree!
Inspired by the detoxifying, circulation stimulating and nourishing effects of the signature Austrian Deep Moor, treat your client to a refreshing foot soak with Herbal Bath with Pine. A creamy exfoliating massage of feet and lower legs, and a cocoon of soothing warmth completes the treatment to rest and ease tired legs and feet.
With this therapeutic treatment, you will improve lymphatic drainage through the complex array of plant nutrients in the moor, and increase venous return of lower legs. It will also help to improve the muscles and the contour of the leg for slimmer-looking legs.
You can elevate the service by including hot stones, reflexology, reiki or even adding this treatment to your signature pedicure. Serve green tea too - it’s rich in antioxidants, which will encourage circulation.
If you’re already performing Moor Spa body treatments, chances are you already have most everything you need to do this service.
Contact us at 888-666-7683 or email for the full protocol, including contraindications and product recommendations. 
Tue, 01/30/2018 - 19:10 | Bonnie

How long will it take for your investment to pay off?

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We’ve been passionate about education for a long time, so it’s only natural that we have committed to hosting a unique training day for all those who have made an investment in themselves, their team, and their business by attending the L.E.A.D. Spa and Wellness Conference. From the elegant cocktail reception to the value-packed conference sessions, to the special full-day spa and esthetics skills training on the day after the conference, you can trust us to bring more.
You already know that knowledgeable staff increase profits by:
- choosing the correct amounts of the appropriate products;
- getting amazing results with advanced skills;
- having the confidence to recommend the right product for their clients.
Try this one quick exercise to see what it can do in and for your business - imagine one small change increases your daily revenue by 10% - how many days until your investment pays off?
Limited seating available. Get your conference tickets now so you can be part of this special event. 
Wed, 08/10/2016 - 14:58 | Bonnie

On The Right Track With Classes

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I first started to care about infection control when it affected my friends and family. First my mother-in-law acquired an infection when she visited the hospital for a simple test. Then, a good friend of mine acquired a highly contagious c. difficile infection when he went to the emergency department to get treatment for pneumonia.

While the risks for spa clients, estheticians, and spa therapists are fewer than for those who work in or go to hospital, it’s still a real risk. No matter the type of spa, whether it’s a high-end destination, a comfortable home-based location, or your busy and cheerful salon, the risk remains. Without vigilance, spa clients are susceptible to blood-, water-, and air-borne pathogens such as mycobacterium, staph, strep, and norovirus.

I think we all recognize the need for knowledge in infection prevention and control, but we know it’s not sexy. It is, however, one of the best pieces of education for workers in the spa industry – because it shows that we’re committed to helping our clients, even when it’s not all sparkly nail polish or blemish-free skin.

I’m so pleased to be fighting for clean and disinfected tools and surfaces, and to support estheticians and other spa therapists to become confident about their abilities to provide the safest space for their clients and staff. While I’ve felt pretty good about the work that I’ve been doing, recently I got a boost from two different areas of the infection control industry.

First was a visit from the manager of the Toronto BodySafe program, who attended a recent course. I was worried at first about why she wanted to be there, but when I met her I was reassured that her primary focus was to raise the bar in the industry, and to keep it safe for all of us.  On a break, I asked her how I was doing, and I believe her word was “fabulous”. How flattering and heartening that we seem to be on the right road with our education!

I was even more nervous when the Technical Specialist at Virox Technologies also registered for our course. What if the information I was presenting was incomplete? I was so pleased when she felt that I was knowledgeable, and she added some interesting scientific tidbits to the discussion.

Won’t you join us for one of our next series of classes? Register for a 4 hour class in Windsor, Kingston, Ottawa, Huntsville, Durham Region or Hamilton. It may not be as sexy as the latest nail art or as sophisticated as your trendy facial, but there will always be interesting stories, fascinating concepts to learn, and you can be confident that in everything you do, you’re bringing your best to your clients.

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