Light Elegance P+ LE Rocks Collection UV/LED Glitter Gel

Light Elegance P+ LE Rocks Collection UV/LED Glitter Gel
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LE Rocks Fall 2023 Collection in LE's HEMA Free, soak-off P+ Glitter Gel Polish that is packed with glitter and offers 21+ day wear. 

Soak-off convenience with rich color and glitter, smooth application and no-chip, 21+ day wear. Use over any LE structure gel or acrylic.

Amethyst Kiss - A deep, sophisticated, sexy purple! A dark purple background accentuates the tiny flashes of fuchsia and sapphire sparkles.

Clean Slate - The combination of silver and black make the perfect slate! The darker background pops the stunning silver sparkles.

Diamond in the Rough - Rich with color and lots of flashes of rose gold sparkle. This fine glitter is a deep rose, salmon-pink!

Mother of Pearl - A flat pearl meets iridescent glitter. The iridescent is ever changing and flashes coppers, greens, blues and purples. Light, airy and delicate!

Pints & Quartz - A fine, neutral glitter where tan meets just a touch of red. The neutral background is the perfect canvas to pop the light gold sparkles.

You’re a Gem - A deep, luscious fuchsia glitter. This fine glitter pops a brighter pink because of the darker background. This is not your average fuchsia!



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