Men's Care: Beard Oil

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Say goodbye to flaky, scruffy bristles with this exquisite blend of almond, jojoba, kukui and argan oils. Moor Spa Beard Oil improves the look and feel of your beard and skin.

Key Features:

- Kukui Oil: Boosts skin regeneration and healing (which is great for razor burns and cuts). Prevents hair breakage and split ends. Reduces dandruff and soothes itchy skin.

- Argan Oil: A natural moisturizer that softens unruly beard hair and skin. It locks in moisture and nutrients to keep hair smooth. Promotes a natural shine in your beard for a more healthy appearance.

- Sweet Almond Oil: Beneficial for increasing beard growth, eliminating dandruff, and reducing inflammation.

Additional information

Instructions: To apply, place 2-3 drops in your hand. Distribute evenly in both palms and then apply to beard. Start with the middle front, and then move to the sides with a final downward, smoothing motion back to the center front of the beard. Apply daily.

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