Body Mask

Body Mask
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Our signature skin treatment contains the 100% pure Moor complex, and offers powerful anti aging, detoxification and anti cellulite benefits. This organic product nourishes the skin for increased firmness and a radiant, healthy appearance.
Comes in the following sizes:
Retail - 500 ml
Professional - 5L
Bulk - 20L

Additional information

Professional Use: Prepare the skin by first exfoliating, then applying Moor Spa Complete Oil. Wait for one or two minutes for the oil to fully absorb into the skin. Apply the Body Mask straight from container with a soft brush, sponge or by hand. Cover with warm, damp bandages or plastic sheet or film. Do not allow to dry. Leave for 30 to 40 minutes. Wash off with warm water. Finish with Moor Spa Body Lotion or Contour Cream for anti-cellulite treatment.
  • Used for wellness, detoxification and part of anti-cellulite & weight loss programs
  • Contains over 100 herbs, plants & flowers plus a multitude of organic and inorganic substances
  • Key component is humic acid - powerful antioxidant, cellular regenerator, anti-aging


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