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Making the Most of Your PREempt Stash

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In the 14 years we have been in business, we have probably never used the phrase “supply chain” (until recently!), and probably couldn’t have even explained the concept if asked. What on earth does supply chain have to do with spa, right?
As it turns out, a lot.
Before we go any further, let’s explain what a supply chain is, especially as it relates to the salon, spa and wellness world.
A supply chain is the network of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and transportation companies that work together to transform raw materials into finished products, and get those products to you. In fact, it includes you too. You are part of the supply chain that gets products and services to your customers.
When everything is working well (and we’re not in the middle of a pandemic!) the supply chain just works without us even thinking about it.
In the case of Virox, the manufacturer of PREempt Disinfectants, this means that bottles and caps for the products need to be available when employees produce the liquid from the raw ingredients of Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide and detergents. When that’s done, the wooden pallets, the plastic shrink wrap and the truck have to be there to package and deliver the products to distributors so that it is waiting in our warehouse when you need it.
This post would get REALLY long if we talked about all the possible complications that can occur, but let’s just say that the way they’re running 24 hours a day, and with all the extra steps for protecting employees, challenges arise. Machine malfunction, and running out of caps are two of the potential problems when your production has to exponentially increase to meet the needs of hospitals, veterinary clinics, dental offices AND spas.
All this to say, it’s going to get easier. Virox has received a grant from the Ontario government to improve their production line, and with COVID-19 cases in Canada continuing to decrease, production will start to keep up with demand.
If you’ve made it this far (you probably weren’t expecting THIS kind of education, were you?), let’s talk about what you can do in the meantime to protect your business and your clients until the supply evens out.
1. Use these tips and tricks to extend your stash of PREempt disinfectants:
  • use a risk management approach to reserve PREempt RTU (Ready to Use) to clean and disinfect your high-risk surfaces. All the places touched by you and your clients throughout the day are considered high risk and should be disinfected between each client. PREempt RTU disinfects to an intermediate level, with a 3 MINUTE wet contact time.
  • for low risk environmental surfaces, like floors and walls and shelves and cupboards, clean daily with a quality all-purpose cleaner/disinfectant. Look for one with a DIN or NPN, and follow directions.
  • in a pinch, you can use alcohol or bleach to disinfect, AFTER cleaning, but you must ensure that the surface stays wet for a FULL 10 MINUTES to reach the level of disinfection needed. Check Public Health Ontario's Guide for dilution requirements for bleach and alcohol.
2. Consider disinfectable covers for your high-investment equipment such as massage tables. They are more resistant to the damaging effects of alcohol and bleach.
3. Consider using more single-use supplies. It’s important to be cost-effective and environmentally responsible, but you don’t have to disinfect items that will be disposed of. Saving time and disinfectant will also save you money. (Bear in mind that when you use a basin liner for your pedicure basins, you still need to disinfect the basin)
4. Take our online infection control course to get clarity on Canadian requirements using a risk-assessment approach. This is much more than a product knowledge course, and it’s FREE.
If you have more questions, we’re always happy to help. Message us on our web chat, on Facebook, or on Instagram. You can even send us a text message at 888-666-7683.