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Kelp Enzyme Body Mask


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Kelp Enzyme Body Mask is derived from a fossilized, calcified kelp deposit extracted from an ancient seabed over a hundred feet below the ground in Nevada. The deposit is estimated to be over 35 million years old. It consists of over 70% calcium in a highly bio-available form; over 70 trace minerals including magnesium, potassium, sodium, manganese, selenium, phosphorus and iodine; and a wealth of life enhancing enzymes.
Professional Use: After exfoliation. apply directly in a thin even layer.Wrap in plastic film, mylar or wet towels and leave for approx 30 minutes. Remove with warm water. Finish with Body Lotion or Contour Cream.
  • Calcium: highly absorbable form exfoliant, detoxifier, pH balancer
  • Enzymes for exfoliation, skin revitalization
  • Rich in trace minerals

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