Lycon PrePost Waxing Kit

Lycon PrePost Waxing Kit
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PrePost Waxing Kit

  • Lycotane: skin cleanser, used prior to all waxing, hospital grade antiseptic, closes hair follicles after wax
  • Pre-Waxing Oil: Used in combination with all hot waxes- allows wax to be reapplied multiple times reducing redness and/or irritation, must reapply in between wax removal (helps coat/ protect the skin)
  • Tea Tree Soothe: used after hot and strip waxes, tea tree oil has anti-bacterial benefits, very light
  • Tea Tree Perfect: good for use after strip waxing to remove sticky residue
  • Wax Solvent: for clean up, can be used on clothing, desks, table etc.


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