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Genesis Pain Relief Light


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Our innovative and ergonomically advanced design is targeted primarilyfor home use. Itcan be used safely and effectively by people of all ages. From sports injuries to back pain to carpal tunnel syndrome and much more this unit will see multiple uses for an active family for years to come. Health Canada and FDA approved the CS1000 has been engineered to provide maximum healing with unparalleled light spectrum, theGenesis Pain Relief Light CS1000 will allow you and your family to feel better again.
  • Compact portable easy to use - allows the flexibility to take your personal health light with you wherever you go. From the comfort of your home, to the office to your vacation hotel.
  • Research backed highly effective non invasive light healing ‰ÛÒ Join the thousands of people just like you who have alreadytaken back control of their lives again.
  • Drug free pain management ‰ÛÒ Manage and eliminate your pain without the potentially harmful side effects commonly associated with drugs.
  • Improved quality of life ‰ÛÒ Don't let pain limit you. Get active again, walk, jog, play golf,garden, whatever it is you enjoy doing.

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