Nomad Massage Table Cover - 30"

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Anti-bacterial Massage Table Cover



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Cleaning agents will cause wear to your treatment tables over time. This cover helps maintain the integrity of treatment tables when using necessary infection control products.  Constructed with Endurepel Armour PVC vinyl, the cover is durable and can be easily cleaned between client treatments. 

Suitable for portable or fixed tables and available in your choice of black, grey or navy, in 26", 28",30" and 32"widths.

Recomended when using surface cleaning/disinfecting agents such as PRE-EMPT RTU (Ready to Use).

Your present table is something other than Nomad, no problem. We've got you covered. Standard size comes 72" long in 26",28"30" or32"

For an extra $10 per unit we can make a cover for your table such as Oakworks 73" long tables


Please allow 2-3 weeks for custom work