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Hand Sanitizing Spray


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100% Natural Hand Sanitizing Spray

With 70% non-GMO, Corn-derived Ethanol plus

Western Red Cedar Leaf Oil, Aloe Vera, Moor Extract & Vitamin E


With everyone needing to sanitize their 
hands dozens of times each day for the forseeable
future, it will be important to use a product with
both effective anti-microbial properties and
soothing and moisturizing ingredients.
In addition to 70% corn-derived ethanol, our
sanitizer also includes our Western Red Cedar Leaf
Oil - proven to de-activate a wide range of bacteria
and viruses. Once the ethanol has sanitized the skin
it will evaporate leaving a residue of the Cedar Oil.
A combination of Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Moor Extract
and Vitamin E both hydrate and soothe the skin
- helping to prevent the harsh drying effects of
repeated exposure to alcohol.
to help keep the hands fresh and clean.


For Footwear: Spray 1-3 mists into your footwear daily, and let dry before wearing. 

Foot Application: Spray 1-3 mists directly on each foot to help sooth tired, achy feet. Can also help reduce foot odour if used daily. 

Hand Application: Spray a single mist into the palms an onto the backs of the hands to refresh and moisturize, instantly.