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The Nomad Pedi Spa



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With space always being a concern, the Nomad Pedi Spa will turn any room into a multi function room. Whether you have a home spa and have only one room or have a larger spa with multiple rooms but what to have the most versatilty from your room, this is the table for you. This table is ideal for a room where you do not have to adjust table height between Spa technicians every time but still want to maximize the use of the space available.


Ideal for a pedicure, facials or a massage, here is the most versatile table there is!

The standard Pedi-Spa comes with:

  • 2 1/2 inch. standard foam
  • Headrest cushion
  • Adjustable legs
  • adjustable backrest
  • Shelf
  • Head rest
  • Neck cushion
  • Lateral armrest for the 24 or 26 inch. table.
  • Course in no-skid vinyl
  • Spring Touch or Turner leatherette