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Nomad Sport Electric Table



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This electric table features the latest technological developments, including:

  • A robust and durable tubular construction for more effective load-bearing
  • A double central motorized arm with height adjustment range of 18 -30 inch.
  • A scratch-resistant, non-skid paint coating for better grip.


  • Ergonomic padding allows the therapist to work at full strength, while keeping the client comfortable
  • Dynamic load: 500 lbs; static load: 2,000 lbs
  • Available width: 28-30-32 inch.
  • Double articulation aluminium face rest included
  • Face rest cushion included
  • Lateral arm rest included
  • Hand controller
  • Lifting capacity: 600 lbs
  • Standard 3 inch. semi-firm foam
  • Round corners
  • 72 inch. in length
  • Adjustable height: 18 inch. to 30 inch.
  • Weight:  about 155 lbs
  • No-skid leatherette at both ends
  • Turner leatherette in white, black, garner, navy, taupe and vanilla


  • Turner (other colors) Ultraleather or Brisa leatherett