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Gemstone Clay Body Mask


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Our unique green gemstone clay comes from a remote mountainside on the pristine west coast of Vancouver Island. Rich in minerals, rare earths and energetic gemstone material. Supplemented with the potent energetic qualities of tourmaline.

Key Features:
  • Gemstone Clay: contains energetic gemstones quartz, agate, plagio clase, K-feldspar, clinichlore, acti- nolite, laumontite, prehnite, mag- netite, diopside and molybdenite. Each of these gemstones is purported to possess specific energetic properties to create balancing, healing effects for the individual.
  • Tourmaline: energetic mineral purported to remove anxiety, negativity and anger.
Professional Use: Stir thoroughly before each use. Carry out a full body exfoliation, then apply the Gemstone Clay Body Mask. Use your choice of wrap (sheets, plastic, mylar, towels, etc) or steam. Leave on for 20-30 minutes. Remove with warm moist towels. Finish with Moor Spa Body Lotion or Contour Cream. May be used with PEMF Therapy pad to enhance the energetic effects


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