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Education and Events

Our goal for continuing education is to meet the needs of a diverse range of spa, wellness and beauty professionals with easy to access classes. The knowledge we provide covers a range of essential topics for estheticians, nail techs, foot care nurses and massage therapists, but the focus is always on generating revenue for businesses and service providers to ensure long-lasting, financially sustainable careers.

We recognize that everyone learns differently so we make sure to actively involve participants in the learning process through relevant, practical and goal-oriented education. Oh, and life is short, so let’s have fun too, right?

We know that you’re balancing many responsibilities, and there are often challenges with time, transportation and perhaps child care. Our classes are often held regionally, so you can join a class when it comes to your area, and we try to end the day early enough so you can still meet the needs of family. When all is said and done, education for the sake of education makes for an expensive hobby. Our goal is to provide subject knowledge as well as advice and ongoing support in how to market and build your business. The goal is to make enough money to pay your bills and leave some in your pocket too.

When you join us at our classes and events you become part of our family. We think it’s important for families to sit down together and enjoy a good meal, or perhaps just a nice cup of coffee (or tea, if you’re into that!). Most of our classes include a delicious lunch, which offers us the time and opportunity to tell our stories and support each other. There’s something special about sharing the journeys that brought us into this industry where we care for people every day.



Light Elegance UV/LED Gel Nail Training

In this 6-hour intensive course, estheticians and nail technicians can get excited to expand skills with the extensive Light Elegance hard gel line - simple to use and cost effective. Gain the confidence to create a flawless finish hard gel manicure for every one of your clients!
What you’ll learn:
  • Introduction to Light Elegance, the brand that plays well with others
  • The business of nails, reviewing fads and trends
  • Product knowledge and chemistry
  • Demo and hands-on application technique
  • Natural nail type and finished nail shape
  • Introduce the use of a professional e-file to reduce stress on the body, and save time on every service while expertly shaping each nail
This class offers one-on-one support, as well as ample time to get questions answered. Each attendee receives a Light Elegance Starter Kit and #4 flat brush. Nail prep files, cleansers and all consumable products will be provided.
Students are required to bring a curing lamp (UV or LED), extension cord, and an e-file if you have one available. Please attend with “naked” nails. 
Our very popular Pop Up Shop will be open during breaks and lunch time; please feel free to browse our extensive selection and discover how L'Moor can bring more to your business. We offer cash and carry or you can pre order your supplies to be delivered at no charge to the course.
For questions about this or any of our education series, please call 888-666-7683, or email
Cost: $249 (including tax and lunch)
Monday, April 20, 2020 - 10:00am to 5:00pm

Back to Basics Skin Care Training (Certificate)

Successful estheticians and spa therapists share one thing in common: To offer your clients the best possible skin care treatments, you have to perfect your fundamental skills.
Get back to basics and build on your foundation of skin care knowledge to deliver faster and better results for your clients with this 6-hour class that integrates theory and practical application. Learning to determine the cause of common skin concerns and identifying affected systems are integral to treatment success. Helping to problem-solve skin challenges builds trusting relationships and loyal clients.
Position yourself as a skin care specialist to increase your professional credibility and achieve your professional and business goals. Invest in yourself for your career success.
You’ll learn:
  • Diagnostic tools for skin care analysis and their effectiveness
  • How to determine individual client needs & hear their concerns
  • Skin structure and function, and physiology of common skin care concerns, including hyperpigmentation, reactivity, sensitivity, and aging skin
  • Use diagnostic technology to prioritize treatment order and create a professional plan that delivers results
Includes lunch and complimentary swag bag, and a gift card for $50 to be used at our popular pop-up shop.
$149 + tax
Monday, May 11, 2020 - 10:00am to 4:00pm

Nail Reconstruction and Rebalancing Training

Painful ingrown and involuted toenails are one of the most common nail disorders. Treatment at home is frustrating, slow, and often difficult.  If left without treatment, permanent disfiguration can occur, and with it, constant, nagging pain, inflammation and chronic infections.
If you are an esthetician, foot care provider or educator, please join us for this one day certificate class to learn a long-lasting, painless, effective treatment that is safe enough for children, seniors, and those with chronic health conditions such as diabetes. Gain credibility and visibility from this in-demand service that will offer new wellbeing to your clients.
Learn the process and get hands-on training in 5 toenail corrections with PediSafe:
  • Reconstruction
  • Ingrown relief
  • Crooked nail realignment
  • Preventive overlay
  • Prosthetic toenail (for missing toenails)
PediSafe is a UV/LED reconstruction and remodelling system used for enhancing damaged nails due to trauma, infections or post operative damage from ingrown toe nails. PediSafe can be used safely on both hands and feet as a simple protective overlay. The starter kit (included with course fee) allows enhancement of up to 30 sets of nails (unlike other systems that require an inventory of different size braces).
For questions about this or any of our education series, please call 888-666-7683, or email
Cost: $379 (including tax and lunch)
Cambridge, Ontario
Monday, April 27, 2020 - 10:00am to 5:00pm