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They’re green on the outside, but look pretty much like any other disposable glove. On the inside, though, they’re very different. The interior of the gloves is coated with a fine layer of organic freeze-dried aloe vera extract. When they’re put on, the aloe is activated by the warmth and moisture on your hands, where the aloe soothes and moisturizes the skin.

If anyone knows about rough treatment of skin, it’s those of us who work in spas and salons. We’re washing with soap and water dozens of times every day, changing gloves constantly and rubbing with alcohol-based sanitizers. We also work with numerous products, as well or other chemicals that aren’t the kindest to hands. We may get a break in our hectic schedule to put on moisturizer, but it’s not always easy to remember. It’s no surprise that we see irritated hands, especially in the winter months.

With Aloetouch gloves available from L'Moor, there’s nothing to remember because the moisturizing is automatic, every time the glove is put on. It’s a nice benefit for spa therapists, but there’s a clinical purpose behind the idea, too. Studies have shown that skin irritation is a significant barrier to hand hygiene compliance.1 . It makes sense that if you can soothe and moisturize hands, their owners are more likely to follow hand hygiene guidelines.

Wear gloves for your safety and your clients, and choose gloves that are good for your hands, too!

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