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Moor Spa is a Cosmetics Champion!

Moor Spa Products have the highest safety rating of all full spa lines in the Skin Deep database

The Environmental Working Group's (EWG) Skin Deep database is an invaluable resource for consumers who wish to use the safest products on their skin and bodies. It offers an easy to understand safety rating score (a simple 0-10) that reflects known and suspected hazards of thousands and thousands of ingredients. Hundreds of companies have registered their products as one aspect of fulfilling the Compact for Safe Cosmetics pledge to make safer products and have earned the title “Champion”. Moor Spa is proud to be a signatory of the Compact as well as a Cosmetics Champion.

Unfortunately for consumers, many companies have not submitted their products. This may be due to lack of interest - or the concern that their products may be revealed as being of questionable safety.

Moor Spa registered its full line of 66 products on the Skin Deep database nearly 2 years ago. Recently, we surveyed all of the most well-known spa product lines which have registered a minimum of 20 products in the database, and discovered that among all of these brands Moor Spa has the best safety rating, with an average of 1.7. Only one other brand comes close, but the remainder are nowhere near the level of safety of Moor Spa.

Our ongoing commitment is to continue to improve the product safety ratings to make Moor Spa simply the healthiest choice out there - bar none.

We hope that you will make this information available to your customers and continue to promote Moor Spa as one of the safest product full spa lines on the planet!


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This is just one more, only many, reasons that this line with always be top shelf in my books!!!! C Benoit

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