As we move into fall, we begin to envision cozy fall sweaters (hello, #sweaterweather!), warm apple cider, spicy gingerbread cookies (or maybe that’s just me), and comforting spa treatments….ahhh.
But wait. We are in the middle of a pandemic, right? No one wants to think about what we may be up against as the weather turns cooler and we move inside, but we’re not doing ourselves any favours by ignoring the situation. Realistically, we could go in a few different directions. In an optimistic scenario, we will experience many small spikes in coronavirus cases, moving up and down throughout fall and winter.   However (and no one wants to see this happen), in a worst-case scenario, Canada could experience a massive second wave in the autumn that overwhelms the health system, followed by smaller spikes over the following months.
Rather than burying our heads in the sand, or being immobilized by fear, let’s take a clear-eyed look at the possibilities for fall, in terms of the treatments and products we can offer our clients. None of us were prepared for a pandemic (who could have been?), but now that we’ve been living “this” for the better part of a year, we can look ahead and make some flexible plans.
While many of your businesses had effectively closed for several months, you’ve shown your resiliency by adapting to curbside deliveries, Zoom skincare consultations, and a pivot to new emphasis on retail sales.
Now, our perspective is that it’s time to get back to the basics of spa - wellness-based treatments that are simple to perform and leave our clients feeling and looking their best. Your clients need and want a feeling of comforting familiarity, and you probably want to reduce the feeling of overwhelm as you look to an unknown future.
As we plan for what to do next, let’s take a look at the past. For those that worked in the industry during the giant recession of 2008/2009, you may be familiar with the Lipstick Effect. The Lipstick Effect is what it’s called when consumers continue to indulge in small luxuries during recessions and economic downturns (and pandemics!), because they either don't have a lot of money or because they’re nervous about spending. They may not be buying big-ticket luxury items, but most still find the money to purchase small luxury items, such as premium lipstick. Small acts of indulgence tell you that life is still good. That being said, this is a different situation. With everyone wearing masks, lipstick sales are actually, seriously down. L’Oreal experienced a 40% downturn in their lipstick sales earlier this year.
Where should we be pivoting now? Where do we expect our clients to be spending money? Analysis of consumer spending shows that sales of nail care products have tripled, and skin care is up by 300%. Something to think about: With all the mask wearing, that Eye Zone Cream is more important than ever to hydrate when all we can see is each others eyes, and in fact, analysis shows that sales of eye creams are WAY up. 
With the serious problems we’re facing, our clients are taking comfort in the simple pleasures of a #selfcaresunday, and we can be part of not only their at-home experience, but also their in-spa experience.
More than ever (let me repeat that - now more than EVER), it’s important to stay visible to your clients, and remind them that they can trust in and value your experience, and can find comfort in your services. Your clients will undoubtedly benefit from:
  • Nail and hand services that offer healing from frequent cleansing, and bring a hit of happiness with long-lasting pretty nail enhancements. You can even use a hydrating Moor Gel mask to demonstrate the hydrating benefits when  your client books a similar full-body treatment
  • Skin care treatments that offer damage repair from the hot summer sun. Include Moor Spa Pumpkin Peel as part of your effective, and 100% Natural Source, Moor Spa facials
  • Waterless body wraps (including Moor and Seaweed Gel-based wraps) with a wellness focus. Your client remains cocooned in comfort in your treatment room, and you don’t need to send them to a shower
  • Foot and body scrubs that treat dry, dehydrated skin and offer an immersion experience that fills their senses with warm fall comfort
  • Elements of wellbeing through add-on complementary services such as Reiki, Reflexology and other healing modalities 
What to do next? Choose your level of support:
if you’re ready to start planning on your own, you can apply for a professional membership. For support and encouragement from other professional estheticians and industry specialists, register for our weekly Esthies and Their Besties. If you'd like to discuss your specific needs, you can book a free private session with Will or Bonnie.