In our business over the last 11 years, we’ve noticed that there seem to be 2 types of customers - one that buys on PRICE, and one that buys on VALUE.
The one who buys on price will be looking for either the lowest price or highest price, and their values will determine which one they choose. The decision is simple, but leaves out a few factors.
The other type of customer will be looking for value, and the cost is not as relevant to their decision . Their purchasing decision is based on what is going to give them the most bang for their buck. This is where we find the most connection with our clients, to be honest. They trust us to help them find the products and services that offer the best return on their investment.
Let’s talk about investment.
What is the value of learning how to increase your sales and profitability? 
What is the value of having the confidence to communicate your worth to employers and clients? 
What is the value of learning to use your online reputation to generate revenue?
At this time of year, your cashflow is healthy with gift certificate sales and increased service revenue, so do some reinvesting and focus on what’s important - your business and your career. Join us at L.E.A.D. 2018 to find new skills, techniques and habits on your journey to making a sustainable living and boosting profitability.
Put away what’s not urgent, and prioritize YOU.