Starting a very tiny business in 2006, we were immediately grateful for our vendors and clients who had faith in us.

Entrepreneurship is often fraught with worry, doubt and stress, but the rewards are plentiful; It’s the joy of waking up every morning, knowing that when you jump out of bed, you’re in charge of where you’re going, and that even though you may have 99 problems, a boss isn’t one of them.

Owning a business is accepting (and loving!) that it’s never going to be the same day twice – you never know who’s going to call, or where you’re going to be needed.

It’s means that we can carve out the time for family, and often bring family with us when we travel to attend events and visit clients.

As the team grows, it’s about letting go, and having the confidence that each person knows what their role is. Letting go can be scary, but when you trust the people you work with, you feel freer to grow and build on a wider scale.

Please enjoy our little video, and watch this space throughout the year, as we bring more of the story to you – our team, our brands, and most importantly, our clients.

Thank you for believing in us, and with delight, we welcome you to celebrate with us.