Do you love what you do?

There is nothing more satisfying than having a client come see you about their problem skin, and then being able to offer professional skincare services and products that help them. If you can actually make a living doing that, then you're a success.
When we ask our clients why they do what they do, estheticians tell us they got into this industry because they love helping people. They find, however, that one of the biggest challenges to meeting that goal is the "daily grind". They need to fill their book with services (any services) so that they can pay their bills.Natural Ingredients
What if you were able to fill your schedule with profitable services, and fuel your spirit by helping your clients fix their skincare challenges?
If your clients aren't already coming to you for knowledge about how to look after their skin, where are they going? You know the answer; they're going to YouTube, Google, and friends who sell door-to-door skincare. They're also hitting retail stores, where they buy the product the staff learned about from the last sales rep who visited!


You're a skincare professional and it's time to step into your knowledge and education. Learn to embrace your skills with confidence. You will help your clients make better decisions about what to use on their skin when you can explain why their skin is behaving the way it is.

Will Roderick teaching skin careWe're taking it "back to basics"

With a 6-hour certificate class, you'll have the opportunity to hone your foundational skincare skills. Led by highly qualified educators, this class combines a strong foundation in the basics (including anatomy and physiology) with sales and marketing techniques. Whether you're a new practitioner looking for a stronger foundation, or a seasoned professional wanting a refresher, this class has what you need.
We'll focus on skincare analysis,and understanding the physiology behind common skin concerns such as rosacea, hyperpigmentation, reactivity, and aging skin. Then we'll help you prioritize treatment, and come up with a plan for action.

Fads will fade, but healthy skin is always in fashion

There are plenty of fad services making headlines in the spa and beauty industry, and it's easy to find expensive training in all kinds of things. Essential skincare has sometimes been overshadowed by technology, but your hands have always been the best tool in your toolbox.


Skincare services are widely recognized as the most profitable. Offer your clients the assurance that your skin care knowledge is current, so they can be confident you're making the best recommendations for their skin health.Professional skin care
Please join us on Monday, September 30, 2019 to hone your competitive skill set and gain a fresh perspective on your skincare services. It's also a great opportunity to make connections and build community with your colleagues, and we always need more of that. 

Why trust education from L'Moor?

L'Moor was founded on the belief that well-educated estheticians and spa professionals are our best clients. Professional training has always been a big part of what we offer to help our clients achieve business success. Now in our 14th year, we've become the reliable resource that you can count on.

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