There’s a common misperception that you need to be a large destination spa to offer quality wellness-based body treatments. We’re here to say that’s not true, because if you’re authentic when creating your menu, and don’t take a cookie cutter approach, you will focus on services that serve your client’s wellness needs, along with creating profitability for your business. Even the smallest of spas (can we say “Real Estate challenged”?) can be imaginative in creating body treatments that are profitable, effective, and can be performed in any treatment room.

It is important to understand your core values when planning your body treatment services, or any service, really. As a spa therapist, how do you view the human body? If you take a holistic approach, you will be of the belief that the body seeks balance, and as long as it receives essential nutrients it will find it’s optimal health state.

After considering your own principles, ask your clients what their wellness goals are. Take a balanced approach in offering what they’re currently looking for, and present education in ways that your holistic approach can help them achieve their goals – sometimes, you’re there to help them stretch. Winter is a great time to get started with body treatments!

Here are 7 tips to enhance your spa menu with body treatments that work:

  • Lead your menu with your favourite (and most profitable) services. It’s much easier to book services that you love, and can share that passion with your clients. YOU create the demand.
  • It’s okay not to offer services that don’t work for you – that leaves you room to be passionate about the services you do offer.
  • Know your target client for the service – you can only know this if you’re in the habit of asking your clients what they need.
  • Use complementary products throughout the service to create a treatment that uses all the senses (i.e. warm compresses on the abdomen, or on the eyes, or customized Moor Spa Aromabalancing blends to boost effectiveness)
  • Make sure your services are profitable
    • Determine your cost per service – including products, labour, and fixed overhead
    • Ensure that the treatment is retail-driven
    • Revenue comes from both your services and your products, and profitability happens when your client continues their treatment at home
  • Ensure that all staff know what the service is about, and what the benefit is for the client (don’t confuse this with “features”. Your client is asking, “What’s it going to do for me?”)
  • Make sure staff are well-trained in performing the service, so that they are comfortable and enjoy doing it.

Even the most awesome treatment doesn’t have to stay on your menu forever. Trends change, products change, or you may present the treatment seasonally. Wellness is more than a trend – it’s a necessary part of our health care, so when you’re choosing a new treatment, keep the wellness focus in mind.

An excellent wellness-based treatment is Moor Spa’s Kelzyme Body Treatment:

Kelzyme is a fossilized, calcified kelp deposit extracted from an ancient seabed over a hundred feet below the ground in Nevada, estimated to be over 35 million years old.

Kelzyme contains over 70% calcium in a highly bio-available form; over 70 trace minerals including magnesium, potassium, sodium, manganese, selenium, phosphorus and iodine; and a wealth of life enhancing enzymes. Calcium is one of the essential elements in life growth.

Kelzyme opens pores allowing skin to breathe. It also lightens the skin; and exfoliates and tightens to prevent wrinkles and signs of aging. The skin absorbs the minerals that are essential for restoring its tone and vitality. These minerals help to disperse local fatty deposits and other impurities ensuring soft, fresh and healthy looking skin for life.

To book a hands-on demonstration of a Kelzyme Body Treatment, please call L’Moor at 888-666-7683, or email