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CertClean, a Canadian-based organization providing certification for safer beauty and personal care products, put the whole Moor Spa product line through a rigorous assessment process, focusing on ingredients that may pose a risk to human health. Their standards were developed using the latest research and regulations from all over the world. Moor Spa was incredibly pleased to learn that the entire line of skin and body-care products passed with flying colours and even garnered the additional praise that Moor Spa’s ingredient composition and integrity is ‘amazing’!

What differentiates CertClean from other “natural” or “organic” certifying bodies is that it isn’t just about meeting a certain percentage of natural or organic ingredients in the bottle or tube. This is a certification that addresses the most important element of all - your health. All CertClean designated products must be free of ingredients that may pose a risk to our hormonal, reproductive and or neurological systems. CertClean is truly a certification that prioritizes human health.

When you combine this standard with Moor Spa’s industry leading safety scores on The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database, we believe you can feel confident that your health and well-being has been respected and considered at the highest level, whenever you use a Moor Spa product.

The CertClean logo will soon appear on every Moor Spa product providing clients with even more confidence in the safety of the products.

COMING SOON: Moor Spa is also working on acquiring the Environmental Working Group's  "EWG Verified" certification on the whole line of products. 

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