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“Trust us to bring more,” is the enticing tagline for L’Moor, the partnership started by Bonnie Annis and William Roderick. What you’ll find is that this company does indeed, offer more. By putting their clients first, L’Moor has grown and is now celebrating their 10th anniversary. One of their best customers is Nicole Short, of Avaia Salon & Spa in Orillia, Ontario. It also happens that both Nicole’s business and L’Moor are celebrating ten years simultaneously! Even more exciting is the fact that Avaia has been with L’Moor since the beginning. Read on to learn more about this special spa’s journey.

Nicole’s Story

Nicole Short is a busy lady. With seven people on staff and a full client base, it’s alot to keep up with. For Nicole, though, it seems like she’s been a spa owner for many more years than her three. “I did a co-op in high school and just really liked it,” she explained when asked why she became interested in doing hair. After her co-op, she studied at Barrie College of Hair and Aesthetics and was hired on at Avaia right out of school. Now, Nicole has a lot more experience and has worked at Avaia for seven years. She became the owner three years ago.

The previous owner approached her and asked if she wanted to buy the business, and after thinking for just a minute, Short said “yes” and the rest is history.

One of Nicole’s favorite parts of her job is interacting with clients. She explains that since she’s become the owner she gets to interact with all the customers in the spa instead of just her own. This is also one of Nicole and Avaia’s strengths as a business.  Almost everyone who walks in the door comments on how friendly and welcoming the staff is. Nicole explains, “They feel welcome. They feel like they’re part of the family.” With the professional experience and welcoming attitude, you can’t be surprised at the spa’s success. Just this year Avaia celebrates ten years in business. One of the biggest satisfactions of being a business owner is experiencing this large success. “Just the fact we’ve been open for ten years...this is pretty impressive for the area. There has been a lot of competition in this town,” Nicole highlights.

Partnering with L’Moor

From the beginning, L’Moor and Avaia have gone hand-in-hand. The business has always carried Moor Spa products and continue to do so. The most popular products are from the facial line. “We’ve been with them since the beginning,” Nicole Short shared, “we were one of their first clients.” This young business owner personally uses the products at home, “I use their Cleansing Gel and their Facial Polish, which is very nice because I have sensitive skin. It gives a nice exfoliation without being too abrasive.” As far as the most popular item with Avaia’s customers?

“They like the cleansers. The Cleansing Gel is probably the most popular item that we sell. Another product that our clients like a lot is the Tension Balm.”

One of the reasons Avaia loves partnering with L’Moor is because of their availability. Any questions Nicole has, the L’Moor team works hard to get the answers for. They go above-and-beyond, according to Short. Along with being really accommodating, Bonnie and Will show up!

Recently, Avaia hosted a customer appreciation night and L’Moor delighted them by attending. “They came in here and set up a whole tester bar,” explained Nicole. When asked what they look for in a supplier, Nicole also highlighted that L’Moor is always willing to come in and do on-site training with their products. “They’re what we look for in a supplier!” Avaia’s owner proclaimed.

It must go both ways. With all the success, friendliness, and hard work, it’s a given that Avaia is the same type L’Moor looks for in a partner! Congratulations to Nicole and Avaia on ten years!

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