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Kerreena BosWith the belief that the success of their customer will also lead them to success, L’Moor has flourished over the last ten years. Launching in 2006, this small business has built strong relationships with many of their clients and vendors. At the start of their tenth anniversary year, L’Moor decided to shine a light on some special customers. One of those is Kerreena Bos of Kerreena’s In Home And Travel Spa.

Kerreena’s Story

For Kerreena, it all began when she was a little girl. Even before she was riding a bike, she was practicing her trade as an esthetician. After attending college, she began pursuing her career, working at a spa. Eventually, she realized that she could begin her own business and experience success. Her son, who is nine, has autism and with his many appointments, it made it difficult to have a regular schedule. Kerreena explained, “I thought this would be good for me and good for my son.”

After launching Kerreena’s In Home And Travel Spa out of Kingston, Ontario, Kerreena found L’Moor and began using their products professionally. Even before building her in-home spa, she was doing eyebrows on her couch. Clients loved being pampered at her home and she enjoyed having a flexible schedule for her kids. As Kerreena explained her story, you could tell her children mean everything to her. They are a big encouragement to her and it’s exciting to see her being a big success in her business and as a single mom.

Now, eight years later, Kerreena works as the founder of Keereena’s In Home And Travel Spa and also works part time at the esthetic program at St. Lawrence College. A typical day might see her working at the college for a few hours then doing a facial in her spa. She also travels, sometimes as far as two hours away, to offer pampering for bridal parties, girls nights, and bachelorette parties. “My favorite part of my job is making people feel good about themselves,” she explains.

It sounds like Kerreena is exceeding client expectations left and right! Many take the time to write reviews on her Facebook page and others travel from the US to Canada for her services. Another client has been using Kerreena as her esthetician for ten years! One special client took the time to write on her Facebook page saying, “Kerreena is amazing. I love how much pride she has in her work and how much she cares about her customers. Easy to make appointments. Easy to connect with. I can’t say enough about Kerreena and her business.”

Partnering with L’Moor

Finding L’Moor seemed to be the perfect match for this savvy business mom. She explained, “I really want(ed) a really great professional skincare line and at that point I was really aware of using things that were natural and I didn’t want to put any chemicals in my body or chemicals on my skin so I was searching and then I found Moor Spa.” As a passionate person, Kerreena isn’t afraid to share what products are a hit and which ones aren’t with clients. She carries the entire line of Moor Spa products. She recalls growing her inventory, “I remember when I first started using their products and I was only going to have a few things in inventory...but then I started selling and all of a sudden you see my shelf growing and growing and growing.”

After eight years of partnering with L’Moor, Kerreena has determined she loves all of the products, but changes her favorite depending on the season. Currently she’s digging the Moor Spa Skin Balm. This rich and soothing balm is a hit with her because it’s versatile and works with many different skin concerns. Kerreena also loves the fact it’s free from synthetic fragrances. Her enthusiasm is so contagious, it’s easy to see why she’s so successful at what she does.

Along with the naturally sourced products, Kerreena enjoys her personal relationship with the team at L’Moor. It’s important to her to have a skincare distributor she likes. With Bonnie and Will, she’s found it. They personally have supported her business and she knows they’re only a call away. One answer from Kerreena explained it all. What does it mean to partner with L’Moor to her business?

“It means that I’m using a professional skincare line, not something that just anybody can sell. You can only get this when you’re an esthetician and you’re certified. And what it means to use Moor Spa is that you’re using a naturally sourced skincare line, something with no synthetic fragrances, no dyes, no chemicals. That’s what I like to offer my clients. I take everything into consideration. That represents who I am as a business owner. I am not going to use anything that isn’t the most natural line that I can find.”

Join us in celebrating Kerreena’s success and L’Moor’s partnership!


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