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Time for Back to School!

Professionals go back to school too
The sun seems to be setting earlier these days, and we've noticed that many of our clients are beginning to think about fall, whether it's new promotions, new services or advancing their professional education.

Since our last series of classes throughout Ontario, we have received the most outstanding feedback about the success of the nail clearing protocol - both from clients AND therapists.

This is what they're saying:

"I am so excited to be an Esthetician who can finally offer a service to clear toenail fungus! No longer do I have to send my clients elsewhere to receive treatment. I currently have 3 clients undergoing this clearing protocol and I am seeing fabulous success, I almost can't believe it.
My clients are so happy and thankful for this one of a kind treatment that actually works! I am able to change their lives; boost their esteem and comfort. All in MY spa, not at a doctors office."
~ Terri Carmichael, Lotus Spa & Esthetics

Hear directly from a client receiving the service. We couldn't even edit this, because of how meaningful her comments are:

"I have been going to see Terri for over a year now and over that year Terri has heard all of my troubles and issues I have had with my toenail fungal infection. I developed this fungal infection 6-7 years ago from getting pedicures at nail salons after injuring my toenail. This fungal infection was very embarrassing for me. I was no longer comfortable showing my feet or letting anyone touch my feet - people would always ask what happened to my toe.
I made several attempts at different home remedies none of which worked for me. I then went to my family doctor who sent a sample of my toenail away, which came back positive for fungal spores. I took an oral medication to kill the fungal infection but the medication's side effects were so strong and harmful to my body I could not continue to take it. I was then so desperate I went to a foot specialist who removed my toenail to try and clear the fungus. As my toenail began to grow back I noticed my nail looked no different and the fungus remained. I was so upset I thought that was it, I had to live with it forever - until one day Terri told me about a treatment she was doing and all of the positive results she had been seeing.
We began treatment a few months ago and I can now happily say after 3 treatments my toenail fungal infection is gone! I've begun to grow back a new healthy pink toenail which I haven't seen in years. I am beyond happy and thankful to Terri for this. Terri's knowledge and skills have blown me away and I am beyond grateful to have had this experience with her. I will now have beautiful feet again thanks to Terri. Thank you so much!" ~ Tara F

Clearly, this treatment is a game changer. Register now for our next full day foot care class, and offer this service to your clients.

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