About Our Brands | L'Moor

Skin and Body Care

The entire Moor Spa product line is based on the remarkable healing properties of the Austrian Deep Moor.

Made in Canada, this 100% Natural Source Skin and Body Care line offers integrity, transparency, and a commitment to providing the safest full spa line on the market. Moor Spa products contain no synthetic preservatives (no parabens or formaldehyde releasers), no synthetic colours or fragrances, and no petroleum derivatives. Now certified by CertClean™

Esthetic Supplies


Nomad Massage Tables are manufactured fully in Canada, and offer a complete line of portable, stationary and electric massage tables of superior quality and design. These tables and accessories are used and trusted by a wide range of professionals, including spas, massage therapists, physical therapists and estheticians. In addition to their feature-rich products, clients trust the company’s flawless reputation (since 1997), their UL certification, and the solid hardwood or metal construction of their tables.

Portable massage tables, adjustable massage tables, fixed massage tables, electric massage tables and collapsible massage tables: STRONG and LONG-LASTING - guaranteed.
Gulfstream is a world leader in salon/spa equipment and furniture. On-site production and innovation is the key to their success, introducing cutting edge products like custom coloured glass bowls for pedicure chairs. Gulfstream is committed to keeping pace with the evolving needs of the worldwide salon/spa marketplace - setting the trends that others follow. 

All furniture and equipment is designed, created and shipped out from their Canadian facility. Each piece of furniture is custom-made and tested before delivery.  Gulfstream believes that beauty and comfort should be universally available, so they offer the most competitive prices for luxury pedicure chairs and salon/spa products.
The Genesis Pain Relief Light™ is a powerful new technology designed to offer pain relief and stimulate healing. Developed and tested in Canada, this Health Canada licensed and FDA approved handheld device can be used to diminish muscle pains and injuries, as well as accelerating the healing process.

Also used in Photodynamic therapy (PDT), a form of phototherapy involving Near Infrared (NIR) light and a photosensitizing agent. PDT has proven ability to kill microbial cells, including bacteria, toenail fungus, and viruses.


Designed for use in many environments including Day Spas, Esthetic Schools, Massage Therapy Schools and Spas, Medical Spas, Hair and Nail Salons, where broad-spectrum germicidal performance in short contact time is required. PREempt™ is specifically formulated for cleaning and disinfection of hard non-porous surfaces.

PREempt™ cleaners and disinfectants are based on the patented Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) technology and were designed with these four key pillars of strength: Cleaning Performance, Germicidal Efficacy, Personal Health & Safety, and Environmental Sustainability.

PREempt offers High Level Disinfectants, Sterilants & Instrument Cleaners for all your spa and wellness tools and surfaces.

Manufactured in Canada, PREempt is the only EcoLogo certified surface disinfectant.

Compression Therapy

Renew your legs with gradient compression garments that are fashionable, soft and elegant. The preventative action of a lower mmHg graduated compression fights heaviness and swelling in the legs and counteracts venous insufficiency without impacting the sleek appearance of the designs.  

Recognized around the world as the maker of premium compression wear, SOLIDEA® by Calzificio Pinelli fuses fashion, innovation and impeccable Italian craftsmanship to produce a distinctly unique array of therapeutic garments unparalleled in ultra-high quality and enhanced therapy delivery.

Millions of people worldwide have already discovered the many benefits of this highly effective and non-invasive treatment. Register for a fitters course to learn more about how compression therapy can help you help your clients by preventing varicose veins, spider veins, swelling and fatigue, all caused by chronic venous insufficiency.