Seaweed Gel Body Mask

Klamath blue-green algae and sea kelp extract are combined with a moisturizing gel base, to effectively purify and nourish the skin.
Professional Use: Stir thoroughly before each use. Paint Seaweed Gel Body Mask all over body; then use your choice of wrap (sheets, plastic, mylar, towels, etc) or steam. This product does not require shower for removal; remove with warm moist towels. Any remaining product can be massaged into the skin along with Moor Spa Body lotion. 
Product Sizes
MS224 36oz 1 Litre
MS224P 180oz 5 Litres
Key Features
  • Nourishing by vitamins/minerals in moisturizing gel base
  • Kelp extract: a natural cellular renewal
  • Blue Green Algae: nutrient rich (glycoprotein, vitamins, minerals, lipids and enzymes)
  • Rosehip oil: healing and rich in Vitamin C