Musculoskeletal Formula

Moor Spa Aroma Balancing System
Moor Spa Aromatherapy system comprises 8 oil blends each consisting of up to 15 individual essential oils of the highest quality. The blends have been carefully and lovingly formulated by one of Britain's leading aromatherapy blenders to create a harmonious and supporting effect on specific mind / body systems. You can enhance the benefits of any Moor Spa treatment by incorporating an appropriate blend.


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: With a simple assesment of your client's needs you can easily identify the most appropriate essential oil blend to work with (see properties below). Shake the oil thoroughly before use. Use 3 to 6 drops for each treatment. The oil can be either blended in with the Massage Lotion for healing massage;  added to the pure Moor for body wraps, packs, facials or baths; or simply diffused in the treatment room. 
Resonates with: the MusculoskeIetal system. 
100% pure essential oils: basil linalol, birch, black spruce, camphor, Himalayan cedar, eucalyptus, citriodora, fennel, ginger, peppermint, marjoram, Spanish rosemary
Product Sizes
MS305 0.35oz 10ml
Key Features
  • Birch: astringent, reduces soreness & stiffness of muscles & joints.
  • Camphor: stimulates & soothes, cools then heats, stimulates circulation, analgesic.
  • Ginger: warming to muscles & joints. Boosts circulation and energizes.
  • Rosemary: universal aid, toning,  very stimulating analgesic, invigorating, reduces muscle soreness.