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Welcome to L’Moor!

Bonnie and Will, partners at L'Moor


Located in Northumberland County, Ontario, L’Moor is:

Our customers

For more than a decade, L’Moor has serviced a diverse group of customers in the spa, salon and wellness industry ranging from:

  • solo practitioners, to
  • established day spas, to
  • destination spas, and
  • wellness practitioners and centres.

Every one of our customers has unique needs. But one thing they all have in common is this...

They’re not interested in mediocrity.

Fortunately for them, neither are we!

A trusted advisor in the spa and wellness industry

At L’Moor, we aren’t just interested in making a quick sale.

We are dedicated to our customers’ success - and demonstrate this by:

  • offering you the exact products we believe will boost your spa and wellness business, and
  • teaching and training you on how to use those products effectively.

We don’t oversell. We don’t recommend products you don’t need. Nor do we require minimum orders, or provide fake "free shipping".

Rather, we believe in transparency - and building long-standing relationships with our customers, where we become part of your trusted circle of advisors.

We’re different (in a good way!)

In fact, many of our customers have been with L’Moor for more than 10 years!

We think that says something about our unique, wholistic approach to customer service.

And sure, you could use a supplier who charges less. But will that same supplier:

  • take time to understand your business?
  • offer you the most value-added products and servicesand only the ones you need?
  • provide reliable, friendly, professional customer support and training when you have questions - even going above and beyond to get you what you need?

L’Moor does all of this: because we put you and your business first.

Let L’Moor help you build your business - connect with us today!